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Over-Come through Prayer

May 23 , 2010
The creator of heaven and earth still answers prayers if this creature in this picture still leaves on the surface of the earth.They neither sow or till the ground, yet they are fed and never drop from the sky for lack of food. The word Over- Comer is use to describe those who have fought, struggled, endured and persistently persevered all pains to be able to graduate or succeed. As an individual we must face life challenges, we must be prepare to fight to survive mentally, spiritually and physically. We have to pray and learn to endure every pain and persevere in the midst of disappointment. If Jesus did not escape pain, sorrow and struggle, definitely we will not escape our live challenges. His promises were, his grace is sufficient for us in time of trouble; He will never let us down nor forsake us. The irony of these challenges is, we can only get fame if we had pain. If we want to be successful in life, We have to undergo several challenges. When we pray he will give us the grace. There was a woman who lost her husband many years ago and she was asked to pay her husband dept or pay the dept with her children. She went to a prophet for help and the prophet asks what does she have, and she said just a pot of oil. He commanded her to borrow more vessels and close herself in the room and fill the borrowed vessels with the little oil, after then she should sell it to pay her creditor.(II King 4:1-7) You can overcome your present challenges, you can make it. You can succeed and you will succeed in the name of Jesus.(Amen) Don’t be afraid when situations look so tough, look to heaven and whisper a silent prayer. The God we serve listen and he will put an end to your life threatening challenges today, in Jesus Name. (Amen) Please, do as the woman in the story above did, close your door and pray in your room as soon as you can: then wait for God to surprise you. See yourself as the driver of your situation, speak to it and drive it away with the power of your tongue. When we pray we can move mountains and rendered the wind powerless. The power of prayer should not be underestimated. Say this simple prayer loudly: I command this (mention the) problem to leave and never return in the Name of Jesus
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Thought for the day
Now, O my God, I pray, let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.