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Are You Worried?

May 23 , 2010
Are You Worried?
Life could be tough many times. It could be friendly somworried-personetime. However, I have realized that God is the author and finisher of our faith. Through prayers we can be sure that we will overcome. Prayer helps us to harness faith that makes us to believe that God can and will solve our problems. My friend, I can assure you that God knows before you think and could make a way for you in time of trouble. Are you facing life challenges, then pray? Are things very tough for you, please pray? Does your tomorrow seem not sure, just pray? The Bible makes us to understand that they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wing as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31) I can guaranty you that this is true. In time of trouble God will always be there. He will sustain, guide and protect you. When you lose everything to life challenges, remember God is there. He says he will never leaves you nor for forsake you. If the sparrows never fall because of hunger be sure you will never fall because of your challenges, I can assure you that God will sustain you. His mind is in your affair only trust him and obeys his instruction. Finding solution to your problem is closer than ever. Before you sleep tonight say this simple prayer with faith: Lord I go to sleep, wake me up tomorrow; let my problems, challenges never wake up with me (with a louder) in -the -name-of JESUS. By mentioning the name of Jesus, every kneel, problem and challenge will bow.
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Thought for the day
Now, O my God, I pray, let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.