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  Jun 06 , 2012
Posted By : Osas  
I wan,t to thank the Almighty God, for his goodness and mercy upon me, God has answer my prayers, he has cleans away my tears, i will quickly say thank u to all of u that has been praying for me,i have been praying for my Resident permanent to stay in Norway for 3years now, and i have been sending my prayer request to potent prayer, and they have been praying for me too, finally in the month of April God of miracle,did it and i and my family were granted a resident permanent and my Daughter who was born in Norway she is 3 years now, she was granted a citizenship in Norway, All thanks to God Almighty, it was a tough challenge, but God was powerful then the challenges Glory be to God in all and i pray for the house of prayer God will bless u all in Jesus name Amen.
  Feb 05 , 2012
Posted By : kayode adekoya  
Am so grateful to GOD and d house for their prayers on my behalf.Last month,i got a temperary job as an electrical engineer and i believe dat he who does dis will make it a permanent job 4me in JESUS name(amen).GOD will continue to bless u all for ur prayers on my behalf.
  Sep 30 , 2011
Posted By : NOELLA  
my husband has got a good job as requested to pray. I want to thank all who prayed and want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO MY LORD
  Apr 10 , 2011
Posted By : Abiodun  
i thank God for his mercies and goodness. I lost my job last year and was regularly posting prayer points on this page. God did it his own way such that no man can take His glory. Got another job and was given two positions higher than the one i lost. Praise the Lord.
  Mar 18 , 2011
Posted By : noella  
my marriage is restored and my husband and i have been living together afetr 2 years of seperation. i also got a new job . thank you jesus and i love you . bless all of you who prayed
  Feb 18 , 2011
Posted By : Nsereko  
I thank God last time i posted my prayer request looking 4 Gods favour iam now a lecturer in Makerere university Kampala. May God bless u
  Nov 11 , 2010
Posted By : nolufundo veronica toyiya  
Yesterday I sent a prayer request so today received an email telling me that they received my cv. Thank you for praying with me and I know I am going to get that job in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.Please don't stop praying for me beginning of next year I want to see myself working for a Government earning a nice salary a nice house and to tithe in my church in Jesus name Amen.
  Oct 03 , 2010
Posted By : noella  
i posted my pray everyday for restoration of marriage. Yesterday I met my in laws and husband after a year. We brought in my husbands bday . i love me lord. praise lord .
  Sep 17 , 2010
Posted By : Veronica  
I became enlightened and filled with knowledge by god the night i was required to write a speech to my school. I never asked for it, but he still came to my side. Thank you so much, Lord. I pray that i can hold on to your prescence inside me, and only make it stronger.
  Sep 07 , 2010
Posted By : Priscilla  
the issue of the morele family has been resolved peacefully thanks for praying with us.God is always faithful.Thanks
  Aug 17 , 2010
Posted By : noella  
I have received the joy of the lord . whatever the challenge I am ready to face cause I have the lord with me. I love you lord .
  Aug 12 , 2010
Posted By : Worried & Sorry  
My Prayer Has Been Answered - Thank you for your prayers!I have am no feeling less anxious, and have more trust that Jesus, with the power of the Father and Holy Spirit, through our Virgin Mother has place my worries away. I went to confession and have found my way back to the Church. Praise be, my worries, problems, and anxiety where all God's way of knocking on my Soul's Door! I hear you and I have opened it up again! Praise to you Lord! Thank you all for interceeding!Please continue to pray for our suit to settle/financial hardship to end!
  Aug 12 , 2010
Posted By : Worried & Sorry  
Thank you for your prayers!I have am no feeling less anxious, and have more trust that Jesus, with the power of the Father and Holy Spirit, through our Virgin Mother has place my worries away. I went to confession and have found my way back to the Church. Praise be, my worries, problems, and anxiety where all God's way of knocking on my Soul's Door! I hear you and I have opened it up again! Praise to you Lord! Thank you all for interceeding!
  Aug 08 , 2010
Posted By : priscilla  
Refilwe Motsehla,s son has been discharged from hospital, thanks for praying with us ,may God increase you
  Aug 07 , 2010
Posted By : Samson Duntoye  
I sent a prayer request & was surprised by the speed in which God started working on my request. I have done a job test & came out successful, waiting for the next stage.I have been working as a contract staff for 4yrs now & I believe He that started it shall perfect all to the end. Thanks so much for your great support. I shall come more to testify to the goodness of Jesus.
  Aug 05 , 2010
Posted By : Jimmy.  
Thanks for the message sent to me and i will like you to know that am giving all thanks and glory to the name of our lord jesus christ for his mercies that as been upon my life and my family and also for granting me VISA after saying no at the british embassy 3days, i put it In for malaysia and was giving 3 month, All glory be to his holy name. Amen.
  Aug 05 , 2010
Posted By : lucky mhlanga  
God is faithful
  Jul 31 , 2010
Posted By : saniar  
I thank God that my pray at juli 13 2010, rigt now my mom can be stronger than before to face all the problem and to face her illness, and my sister whose leave the house last night has came back even in her sick condition. I Thank God for God answer in short time and for all the prayer who give their time to pray.. God Bless all of us and all Praise for Jesus Crist.
  Jul 23 , 2010
Posted By : Venus Havenga  
within an hour after putting my prayer for work for my son, he was requested for an interview - ALL PRAISE TO MY LORD !!
  Jul 18 , 2010
Posted By : catherine  
i requested for prayer concerning my car i want to sell it i have put it on sale for past one year i thank god i have finally sold it after a posted a prayer request
  Jul 18 , 2010
Posted By : catherine  
I requested for prayer concerning my new business i thank god for his blessing upon my business.
  Jul 14 , 2010
Posted By : Priscilla  
i requested for prayer for refilwe morare who was in labour to deliver normally.I thank God and the intercessors who prayed with me,refilwe delivered normally at 7:55 today just 5 min before she was to be taken for a caesarian section in theatre .Thanks and stay blessed
  Jul 08 , 2010
Posted By : Erica Selby  
i thank God so much for using you (intercessors) to be a blessing to people, i sent you a message about my relationship and so much problem about the ex, and how i feel unease with myself, how my body becomes hot but i thank God now for delivering and healing me.
  Jun 30 , 2010
Posted By : lula tolbert  
i am a single mother of 4 my children and i have been thrrough 2 in a half yrs of suffering i sent a prayer request that a apartment we wanted would pass inspection it did. but we are being faced with a problem that we need to pay a outstanding gas bill and we need money for the deposit. i am not working now and hope 2 b soon the enemy is attacking us and we are just trying to serve the Lord please believe God with us that we would be able to pay this bill and get the deposit to move the bill got high because i didn't no i was heating a basement apt. in my building.there's a agency that could help with deposit but we have to pay this bill first thank u sooo much may God bless u all 4 your prayers
  Jun 27 , 2010
Posted By : Claudia  
Dear Friends: About a month ago I posted your help to pray for my friend and I to be able to find a new job where we could be of help to others. God responded, and my friend and I have found both a job and we will be working in the same place and this is just great! I want to thank all of you for taking the time to pray for my friend and I. God is great...I will be praying for you all as well...where two or more gather...God answers....God bless!
  Jun 20 , 2010
Posted By : sasa mnyandu  
god hv worked miracles in me while i ws nt aware,i dnt a mother,father,both grandmomz and granddadz,u may ask whu du i hv? but i hv my momz sister,who is wonderfully taken care of me n al my sister.and nw im in d university doing my 3rd and last year.i really thnk god 4 wht he have done.
  Jun 05 , 2010
Posted By : Oluwafunmilola Arowojolu-Cole  
Another testimony has come, their son skyped me and they both apologised and gave thanks to GOd for our prayers. Infact i couldn't believe it when the husband told me she woke up yesterday morning apologised for all she has done, she said it to me herself We thank God for your team, your prayers you pray with people now that i can speak off takes effect under 24rs. The Lord has been faithful to PP, thank God for that
  May 27 , 2010
I am believing God for a major financial breakthrough. I want you to help me pray that God should give me wisdom and knowledge to utilize every blessings He is showering on me.
  May 20 , 2010
Posted By : Edward Barrignton  
I want to make my testimony about God's miracle in my life. I was recently homeless and technically had no place to stay since i recently loss my Job. A friend told me about this site (www.potentprayer.com)and i went to post my prayer. Miraculously, the next day as i was working into the Library to post another prayer, i saw a old time friend who i am currently staying with after narrating to him what i am passing through.
  May 20 , 2010
Posted By : Kelvin  
I want to thank potent prayer for providing this medium. God answered my prayer and things are changing for me.
  May 19 , 2010
Posted By : Martin  
I am very grateful to God for answering my prayer through this medium. Few weeks ago, I posted my prayer that God should restore my family finances and he did. Now Things are changing in positive ways for us. Please continue to pray for me so that God's perfect plan for my life will materialized.
  May 18 , 2010
Posted By : Kim  
I want to say that God has answered my prayer. Few days ago i posted my prayer that i was looking for job, but now, i have secure the most paying job of my life. Please pray for me that i may find favor with my employer.
  May 17 , 2010
Posted By : Kim  
I am so grateful to God answering my prayer. Thank you potent prayer for the intercessory prayer. God has bless me finance and i can see an improvement in my Business.
  May 17 , 2010
Posted By : santosh kumar  
This is good website


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